Teixidors Plain Nomad Throw

April 6, 2017

Artícle: THROW name: NOMAD
Size: 140 x 180 cm
Compositión:  50% Baby Yak 50% Ecològical Merino Wool
Novetat catáleg gener 2017

4 Colors: Lead Grey, Turquoise, Cooper, Old Pink

The NOMAD plaid rescues the essence of travelling, that state of openness to the new, and the mixing and integration of the different.

NOMAD is a traveling blanket which name refers to the millennial practice of nomadic grazing, origin of the fibers that compose it. These fibers, 100% animal origin from the Provence (France) and the Khangai region (Mongolia), reinforce the collection of articles with traceability and social responsibility, fundamental commitment of the brand.

From the point of view of design, the blanket presents four large boxes segmented by profiles of subtle reliefs. The series is composed of four elegant colors conjugated to each other with the gray lead color as the central color of the collection.

It is a plaid for contemporary interiors, bulky and light at the same time, very warm, perfect for sofas with clean designs and Nordic woods. Its texture evokes the timeless fabrics of wool and the distribution in four areas of color makes it agile and casual, with the sobriety characteristic of Teixidors.


Guillermo Mansilla Esteban