ICFF Category Product Spotlight: Seating

No matter the design of the space, from the workplace to retail to home, the most important element is the seating. ICFF® 2016 will be showcasing a wide variety of comfortable, yet stylish seating options from designers such as Coil…

May 10, 2016

Introducing SANDUR collection designed by Mark Gabbertas Studio

This year we added SANDUR Lounger and SANDUR Sofa to the collection. Sitting on SANDUR you’ll feels like suspended on thin air. And, as everyone knows, it doesn’t get more comfortable than that. All thanks to a nifty design that…

March 10, 2016

Introducing COCO collection designed by Mark Gabbertas

Inspiration for the design comes from a desire to explore the potential of using two simple and graphic planes in juxtaposition, and to consider how these slightly different forms can relate to each other. The ergonomics are determined by a…

March 7, 2016