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Modern Day Accents Product Introductions

Introducing Caballero Man Figure Stool Unique Metal Stool made of 4 Abstract Men supporting a square top. Rough Antique Silver Finish. Measures 18 inches square x 18.5 inches high. Introducing Erizo Spiky Spheres Spiky Decorative Spheres in a Gold Finish….

September 13, 2016

Introducing from Modern Day Accents

Erizo Spiked Spheres Spiked Decorative Spheres with an Antique Gold Finish. Introducing at ICFF Miami Erizo Spiked Spheres in a Silver Finish, Erizo Spiked Spheres on Stand with Marble Bases; Gold and Silver and Erizo Spiked Spheres cut in half…

July 28, 2016