April 6, 2017

RS Barcelona presents its RS#PingPong folding table, its trio of new Plec tables and its family-friendly RS#4Fun football table.

RS Barcelona will be making its annual visit to the ICFF trade show to unveil the new additions to its collection, once again showing its commitment to the spirit of spontaneity and curiosity it transmits through all its products, an attitude that they call stayplayful.


RS#PingPong folding table: when “design” and “folding” join forces

When it comes to ping pong tables, it seemed impossible that the concepts of “folding” and “design” go together. But RS Barcelona has managed it. Just like we did a few years back with the football table, designing the RS#2, we’ve given the folding ping pong table a new twist with the RS#PingPong folding.

The RS#PingPong is a new folding ping pong table concept. Until now, most of the folding ping pong tables in the market have been strictly functional, with design taking a back seat. The RS#PingPong folding restores design to its rightful place. It combines the functionality of a folding ping pong table with the signature design of RS Barcelona products. Because design needn’t be incompatible with functionality and playability.

The RS#PingPong folding boasts standard ping pong table measurements (108x72x30 in) cm, while its surface, design and structure provide total playability, stability and toughness. Just like a professional ping pong table.

Thanks to the RS#PingPong folding you no longer need to miss out on ping pong due to a lack of space. Once folded, using a simple mechanism located underneath the tabletop, it takes up little space. And you can easily move it to the most convenient spot thanks to its tough all-terrain wheels.

What’s more, RS#PingPong folding is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Can you imagine how it would look in your garden?


Plec tables: a bold trio

Plec is a collection of coffee and side tables that are as happy together as they are alone. With their accordion-shaped legs, all three Plec tables (large – 115 x 60 cm, medium – 70 x 70 cm and small – 37.5 x 37.5 cm), love creating light and shade effects at any time of day.

The Plec table has a steel structure coated with polyester paint. The table top comes in steel or tough resin, with a range of colours available for both options, such as white, black, green and coral. So you can combine sizes, colours and finishes any way you like.

The Plec table collection fits perfectly into any setting and space, whether as a coffee table in front of the sofa, as a bedside table, as a corner table in a reception area or waiting room, or in your garden surrounded by plants and flowers. That’s right, the Plec table is also suitable for outdoor use thanks to the cataphoretic coating process applied to the steel.

The Plec table is one of those products that achieves the perfect combination of simple design, bags of personality, functionality and toughness.


RS#4Fun: family games are back

At RS Barcelona we’ve always championed play; we know that playing is important, whatever your age.

The new RS#4Fun is the first football table that grows. Its legs have three different height settings in order to adapt to the players’ stature. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re 6 years old or 96 years young; anyone can enjoy it. Children can play with their friends, parents, grandparents… with whomever they like. The aim is to revive the tradition of playing as a family and in groups, with an activity that can be shared irrespective of players’ ages.

As with all its products, RS Barcelona has taken great care over the design of the RS#4fun, once again striking the perfect balance between functionality and design, and over the choice of materials, opting for the combination of strength and warmth offered by metal and wood. With the feel of a traditional wooden toy, it’s a world away from all the plastic football tables marketed for children’s use.

The RS#4fun is a football table with the look and materials of a traditional toy, designed to last a lifetime of play. A new intense living product by RS Barcelona.


Stayplayful: it’s all about attitude

Stayplayful is the term RS Barcelona uses to describe this latest stage of its journey. Stayplayful capture the essence of RS Barcelona and encapsulate the attitude with which we start each day and look to the future.

It’s about reactivating your spontaneity and curiosity that are concealed under layers of seriousness and formality.

It’s about exploring a city that starts with same letter as your name; walking without stepping on the lines; learning to knit a scarf; spinning around in your work chair with your eyes closed; preparing an urban picnic on your balcony. And, of course, playing.



Maria from RS Barcelona
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