Modern Verve launches Spark Light 3-30 LED Chandelier for 2016

March 7, 2016

Handcrafted in our Seattle studio, the Spark Light series bursts across the ceiling; creating a distributed light that transforms living spaces.  Spark Lights are made of brushed aluminum and slip cast high fire porcelain.  Spark Lights can be adjusted to fit the ceiling height of any room.

Spark Lights can be used in intimate living spaces or a focal point in lobbies and reception areas.  Spark Light can also be a wonderful atmospheric addition to any dining area, above a table or bar area.  Each element from the metal structure to the porcelain covers are handcrafted in Modern Verve’s studio.

Modern Verve is the creation of Shea Bajaj, a practicing architect in Seattle, Washington.  In 2005, Shea began to build a studio space from the ground up with creative investigations as his driving force.  Today this beautiful two and a half story modern building provides production, assemblage and design inspiration to Modern Verve designs.  All of Modern Verve’s products are produced with an architect’s eye and attention to detail.


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ModernVerve SparkLight Details