Introducing SANDUR collection designed by Mark Gabbertas Studio

March 10, 2016

This year we added SANDUR Lounger and SANDUR Sofa to the collection.

Sitting on SANDUR you’ll feels like suspended on thin air. And, as everyone knows, it doesn’t get more comfortable than that. All thanks to a nifty design that uses a unique open weave to reduce contact with hard surfaces to a minimum. Furthermore, SANDUR’s distinctive patterns accentuate the breezy character of this model. A tubular stainless steel frame supports a strong and weatherproof rope weave. The rope is hand woven on to the frame by skillful artisans who take pride in the outstanding quality of their work. With a variety of stylish color combinations, this collection is ideal for any outdoor setting.

“When I was young, I would play a game called cat’s cradle whereby two people would make patterns with a single loop of string and pass them to each other. What proved interesting during the development of SANDUR was the ability of the weave to follow a different profile than might be expected from the frame itself and to create an independent 3-dimensional shape within the skeletal steel structure. This gave us more freedom to allow the frame to express itself and take on a character of its own, while at the same time providing the support in key areas for the weave to perform the essential ergonomic functions. It is the nature and degree of the interdependence between frame and weave that fascinated and inspired us in this project.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Mark Gabbertas

About Gabbertas Studio
Mark Gabbertas is a multiple award-winning designer who has pioneered many new forms and processes in furniture design.
He was at the forefront of the renaissance in the British designer/maker movement in the 1990s before establishing the Gabbertas Studio in 2001. The design studio currently leads the way in experimenting with new technologies and has earned accolades for pushing the boundaries of outdoor furniture design. He also designed OASIQ’s SANDUR and MACHAR and collection.

OASIQ is dedicated to presenting you with the highest quality furniture with sophisticated design, inside and out. The OASIQ team brings over 30 years of manufacturing experience and talented international design consultants and top quality materials. With vast resources, custom fabrication capabilities are available for a variety of applications. Because of our technical know-how, we have been entrusted by Vladimir Kagan to produce and market his iconic Capricorn collection. Currently we are working with a team of world-class designers that includes: Han Daalder, Hugo de Ruiter, Mark Gabbertas and Studio Parade. OASIQ is headquartered in New York City, the design capital of the world and expanded to China in 2013 and Europe in 2014.


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