IMMERSION Takes You on a Journey to Connect More Deeply to the Emerging World

May 17, 2017

IMMERSION takes you on a journey that connects us more deeply to what is emerging in the world, immersing ourselves in the beauty of the unexpected.

It’s a collection for those who desire more presence, to slow down and to create more spaciousness, feeling in while seeing out.


Informed by paying close attention to the world around her, designer Sarah Merenda of Merenda Wallpaper, weaved this collection together using drawing, photography and painting. Whether it’s walking around the city taking pictures, the people in her yoga class or the cornfields she passes on a drive home, she wants to appreciate it all. Diamond Link, Yoga Garden Toile and Mais are a few designs that will be featured at ICFF.



This design was created from a photograph of a detail from a graffiti filled gate in Manhattan. The organic shapes mixed with the impressions of the gate create a spacious linking diamond pattern. It reminds us how slowing down and paying attention allows us to find space and beauty in something that you may never imagine one would find serenity in.

Repeat size 44.5”wide by 36” tall

Available in 7 colorways



Inspired by my own yoga and meditation practice, I created this pattern to reflect the calm that I feel when I embrace the moment as it is. My intention is to inspire people to engage in there own life more fully.  Influenced by 19th century French scenic wallpaper, I painted the design with gouache and then decided to redraw it with pen and ink allowing for the space of classic simplicity.

Repeat size 50” wide by 29.5 tall

Available in 6 classic toile colorways



After living in NY for some time and wanting to find more peace and organic shapes included in my environment, I created this line drawing of corn from life with pen and ink. I was inspired from my childhood, growing up down a long driveway surrounded by cornfields on the eastern shore of Maryland.

MAIS goes on and on allowing your mind to wander above and beyond your walls.

Repeat size 50” wide repeat by 34.75” tall

Available in 7 colorways


MERENDA WALLPAPER is a New York-based contemporary wallpaper design, manufacturing and installation studio inspired by near and far away lands, graffiti, tattoo art, abandoned buildings, underground history and the impermanence of all things.

The design process ranges from photography to rubbings, illustration and painting, sparking viewers’ imaginations of what came before, what will come after, what is beneath, and perhaps to catch a glimpse of how nature always prevails.


It originated as a wallpaper installation company and has evolved into a custom wallpaper, design and manufacturing studio. With 21 years of experience hanging wallpaper, Merenda understands what materials work for the best end result and choose to digitally print on environmentally friendly, recyclable and high quality substrates.