I.Lou Design Corp

August 18, 2017

I.Lou Design Corp. is a New York-based design firm with a unique background. Company CEO and founder, Indira Lourenço, grew up in Angola and brings her African roots to a modern design firm that is focused on bridging the gap between technology and tradition. The firms new ‘45 Degrees’ furniture collection was created to share this vision with the world.

The centerpiece of the ’45 Degrees’ collection is arguably the ‘Enjoy My Rhythm’ coffee table. The one-of-a-kind table offers a vivid example of soulful earthiness playing off a delicate flow of light and open space. Structurally, it is made up of two stacked trunks of pyramid aligned into four separate units.

Indira Lourenço explains why the units can be re-arranged, “I created the table to encourage its owners to find their own creativity. It can be re-interpreted and re-arranged to match the flow of any space.”