Fantini Expands Its Portfolio with Two New Collections, One Line Extension and a New Material for a Best Seller

March 7, 2016

Continuing the tradition of incomparable quality, outstanding design and consistent innovation

Fantini, family-owned Italian manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products and a leader in design and innovation since 1946, is pleased to announce the addition of two new bathroom collections, ACQUADOLCE and LAMÉ. Each line features the highest quality and innovation that Fantini is known for and each brings a unique aesthetic and solution to the hands of the designer or design-savvy consumer. In addition to these two new collections, Fantini also introduces MilanoSlim to the Milano collection and their popular MINT collection in a Stainless Steel material.

ACQUADOLCE is a collection of multi-functional showerheads designed by Franco Sargiani, that includes three unique styles, each offering a different aesthetic and experience. ACQUADOLCE, the baseline style, is an in-wall, ceiling mounted showerhead featuring rain, waterfall and mist functions on the same panel or on two different panels if so desired. ACQUADOLCE LIGHT is the second variation, and features white LED lighting that adds a more immersive sensory element to the shower experience. ACQUADOLCE DREAM is the third and most innovative model in the collection with an integrated 4-color chromotherapy light (red, blue, yellow and green) and the “feel” program to tailor the experience exactly to the user’s desires. All three styles feature user-friendly touch-screen technology on a frosted glass panel to activate the different functions and are available in polished or brushed stainless steel. LIGHT and DREAM are IMQ approved and suitable for installation in steam rooms.

LAMÉ is a new collection of bathroom fixtures designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez featuring simple, smooth and ergonomic shapes that are both striking and pleasant to the touch. The square section with rounded edges draws inspiration from the “super-ellipses” that resulted from the research of mathematician Gabriel Lamé. The entire LAMÉ collection is available in a chrome finish and is presented with a black matte handle which ensures a continuity of form while adding interesting contrast. Other handle finishes include: matte white and chrome (lever handle only). All faucets in the collection are Lead Free, WaterSense and CalGreen compliant. The LAMÉ shower program offers many options that are CalGreen compliant with the use of 2 or 3 way diverters and 2GPM flow restrictors.

MilanoSlim Outdoor, designed by Franco Sargiano, is a new shower system with a unique aesthetic. Thin and simple, the 60 mm wide panel is the common design feature throughout the Milano collection and can be combined into different configurations to perform a variety of functions with a minimalist look. MilanoSlim Outdoor is an incredibly high-tech and innovative system. The showerhead features a wide front that produces a thin waterfall effect which is highly efficient as it maximizes a minimum quantity of water to generate the best result. Available in brushed or glossy stainless steel.

MINT, designed by Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza, is one of the most popular collections of basin and shower fixtures in the Fantini portfolio.  Inspired by primary and essential forms, MINT is architecturally pleasing and balanced – making it a versatile solution for contemporary bathrooms in an array of environments. This new finish brings a fresh aesthetic to an established line as well as an additional element of sustainability to the collection. All faucets offered in the Stainless Steel finish are WaterSense and CalGreen compliant. The MINT shower program offers many options that are CalGreen compliant with the use of 2 or 3 way diverters and 2GPM flow restrictors.

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About Fantini

Founded in 1946 by brothers Giovanni and Ersilio, Fantini has always been a force of creative intensity that combines hand-craftsmanship with industrial technology. For more than sixty years, Fantini has been producing innovative products with a deep concern for ethics in manufacturing and production methods, and inspired by the form, qualities, and applications of water. Fantini designs have become an international benchmark in the evolution of kitchen and bathroom design, emphasized by their collaborations with the best design minds and creative forces. The company has undergone great technological advancement over the years through research that has led it to create increasingly sophisticated, high quality products that have earned it widespread international acclaim.


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