Effegibi at ICFF

March 10, 2016

Effegibi makes products for wellbeing and body-care based on the therapeutic properties of heat. These products, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, draw their inspiration from the Northern European tradition of the Finnish sauna and the Mediterranean tradition of the Turkish bath, or Hammam.

What makes these products special, with their blend of high-tech industrial processes and artisan detail, is our respect for the underlying philosophies of the sauna and Turkish bath, ever mindful of the mental and physical benefits the right approach to them can deliver.

Cutting-edge technology, Italian design flair and the fact that these products can fit effortlessly into any number of different private homes and public spaces, are the strong points that have enabled the Effegibi brand to lead the field in Italy and become a global player in constant growth.

Centre-stage will be LOGICA TWIN MID, the most highly evolved and complete solution yet from Effegibi, in terms of high performance in the smallest of spaces. The LOGICA TWIN marries the Finnish sauna with the Hammam to create a unique product designed for Effegibi by Talocci Design. The two spaces, featuring different technologies and materials according to their individual functions, are linked by a shower area that grants access to and connects the two environments, the sauna and the Hammam.

TOUCH&STEAM, AQUASTEAM and EASYSTEAM are the latest innovations from Effegibi, born of Project Hammam, our goal being to transform the home shower space into a personal Turkish bath with professional performance.

TOUCH&STEAM is a panel of toughened glass, a jewel of minimalist design. This apparently simple product houses today’s most state-of-the-art steam-generating technology. The glass is lit up by the touch-screen controls from which to select the various functions: steam release, warm air function, unit pre-heating function and white light or colour-therapy lighting. Design elegance and performance excellence come together in a panel that can be fitted with the greatest of ease to any shower. TOUCH&STEAM is available in powers of from 3 to 9kW and it has been designed for Hammam spaces of up to 9.2m3.

AQUASTEAM is the result of the intensive research our company has been known for down the years. A curved glass panel with digital controls and a water spring complete with bowl make AQUASTEAM a product that is intuitive to use. It can be teamed perfectly with any wall covering and adapted to spaces of different sizes. The super-slim panel is partially encased, leaving only the most attractive features of the product on view. The spring and bowl recall the ancient tradition of the Hammam, in which cool, refreshing water can be splashed on during the steam bath. The spring is backlit to create a delightful, natural effect. Available in powers of 3 and 4.5kW it can be installed in Hammam spaces of up to 4.5m3.

EASYSTEAM combines simple installation with high-tech steam generation with touch-screen controls. A slender curved glass panel forms the control interface with the steam generator built into the wall. It is equipped with a container for aromatherapy oils and its design, with no water outlet, makes AQUASTEAM a minimalist masterpiece. It is available in 3 and 4.5KW versions.


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