The Armani/Roca bathroom concept is the expression of elegant simplicity and total harmony

April 6, 2017


The Armani/Roca bathroom concept is the expression of elegant simplicity and total harmony, both quintessential of Giorgio Armani’s unmistakable style, captured in the bathroom space. An integral interior design concept which transforms the bathroom into a space dedicated to the pleasure of the senses.

The Armani/Roca space encompasses wall and floors coverings, sanitary products, accessories and all your bathroom necessities. All these elements combine to project Giorgio Armani’s style and ethos for the home into the bathroom area.

As such, the bathroom is converted into a sole entity where fine materials and exclusive finishes, together with technologically advanced solutions, allow  the integration of all the essential elements of the bathroom space in one style without compromising the harmony of this atmosphere of emotions and sophistication.

As if it were a work of art or an item of haute couture, the entire collection oozes perfection and expertise not only in the treatment and choice of materials and colors, but also right down to the very last  detail.

Besides the traditional distribution of bathroom environments, for the first time, if so desired, the Armani/Roca bathroom collection can take the shape of an island, where all the elements can be arranged into four areas: the Beauty area, the Wellness Bath area, the Wellness Shower area and the Basic Needs area.


It is possible to differentiate the areas of Beauty, Wellness and Basic Needs to preserve the intimacy of each, without losing the sense of openess. These different areas are defined by means of a sophisticated system of glass partitions with an optional opacity  mechanism.

Minimalist yet functional faucets lend this bathroom the necessary comfort without jeopardizing the simple aesthetics which characterize this  collection.

The largest of the elegant bathtubs is filled from one side with a waterfall effect coming from an innovative aperture running around the rim of the bathtub. A similar system, designed exclusively for Armani and never seen before in the bathroom world, controls the  overflow.

The shower area provides the perfect escape and relaxation needed thanks to its ceiling shower with rain effect, wall spout with waterfall effect and wall mounted jets which provide a targeted massage.

The finishes and exclusive forms created for the wall and floor coverings, as well as the meticulously designed small accessories, complete the bathroom setting with an unmistakable style.

An intimate environment of warmth and elegance is created through carefully selected color and material combinations which are evident in every last detail.

The  Armani/Roca  bathroom  concept  is  an  island  of  sophistication  with  a revolutionary approach which offers a full range of practical solutions commensurate with the most contemporary and cosmopolitan home.



For the first time, the new interior design concept created by Armani/Roca allows the distribution of the bathroom components not only in the traditional manner, but also in an island format with four distinct areas: the Beauty area, the Wellness Bath area, the Wellness Shower area and the Basic Needs area.



The contemporary shallow porcelain washbasins, both countertop and those under counter, integrate perfectly in the collection and also feature the Water-Flow effect; perfectly designed to allow the water to flow smoothly without splashing. The discreet automatic water outlet and overflow have Hide-Flow technology eliminating unnecessary visual elements.

The matching faucets with the control on the edge of the washbasin are in perfect harmony with the rest of the elements in this area. With an elegant metallic finish they are also fitted with Smart-Flow technology which saves both energy and water.

The simple, straight lines of the furniture afford this space an elegant and practical ambiance. A wide range of furniture in various sizes with either upper or upper and lower drawer is available for the countertop and under counter washbasins. This furniture can be adapted to any bathroom environment whilst maintaining the philosophy of an Armani space.

Extensive storage space is amplified thanks to the siphon space-saving system. The Self & Soft Close mechanism in the drawers ensures a completely smooth opening and a  soft closing. The drawers can easily be personalized with the multifunctional trays of the Up-to-You  system.

The furniture for the under counter washbasin has a tinted glass countertop. This is available in the different finishes of the collection for complete  harmony.

Every last detail has been taken care of and the mirror is no exception. With lateral illumination and atmospheric lighting  at the top and base, the mirror also boasts an electric system which prevents steaming up caused by condensation in the bathroom.

An Armani/Roca bathroom is a space in which all elements have been carefully thought through to be in harmony with each other, including even the smallest accessories; from  and wall towel rail, the covered tray and the soap dispenser, to toothbrush holder, the tissue box holder and  the  soap dish. In addition to this there is a built in vertical cabinet with an adjustable magnifying mirror, hidden electrical outlets, a shelf and courtesy lighting. For those bathrooms that require vertical wall storage with a larger capacity, a wall cabinet in the same finishes has been created. Its single door opens to 180º and it is equipped with elegant optical  mirrors.



This area is especially designed to invigorate. Here you can unwind and relax.

The largest of the comfortable and spacious  built-in  bathtubs,  complete with the soft headrest, is filled through an innovative aperture on the inside perimeter cascading water in on one side. This ingenious Hide-Flow system also acts as an overflow.

As an optional extra, with both the built-in bathtubs and the under-mount bathtubs, choose  to  enjoy  a  bath  with  Champagne  Bubbles,  bubbles  the size and texture of those in champagne, or Water Chromo (aquatic chromotherapy).

As perfect accessories for this area there are a wall towel rail and a profile shelf, with optional accessories such as hooks and  containers.



In an Armani/Roca shower, the daily act of showering is transformed into a sensual experience. To that end, we can recreate gentle rainfall by means of the shower head in the ceiling, available in two sizes, or submerge ourselves under a waterfall thanks to a cascade spout positioned on the shower  wall.

Maintaining the simple lines of the collection the fireclay shower tray,  with     a hidden water outlet, is integrated at floor level thanks to Zero-to-Surface technology.

On the other hand, the In-Drain water outlet and the Armani/Roca tiling can be personalized to the desired size and shape of the shower area whilst maintaining continuity of the floor tiling throughout the entire bathroom  area.

The most versatile thermostatic shower mixer controls all 5 functions: the handheld telephone shower with 2 adjustable jets for localized massages,  the rain shower head and the wall mounted cascade. All jets and nozzles are fitted with the Easy-Clean system; anti-limescale silicone ensuring optimum functionality and easy  maintenance.

A vertical built-in cabinet complements this area alongside a towel rail and    a shelf with a versatile system of containers and hangers which can be completely personalized.



The Basic Needs area has been created with an exquisite subtlety. Suspended from the wall by the Hide-Fix system, all fixtures are hidden and both the WC and bidet have Soft-Close covers.

The WC incorporates Touch-Flush technology which is built into the back wall and has dual flush with touch sensitive control. This sanitary ware element is a one piece design to make cleaning easier and guarantee optimum hygiene.

The bidet’s single mixer faucet is fitted with Smart-Flow technology which simultaneously saves water and energy. The Hide-Tap design means the faucet is not visible when the cover is closed.

For a complete and hygienic cleaning of the WC bowl, the Armani/Roca bathroom has a hand held extendable mini shower, the Toilet-Jet, which is discreetly hidden in a built-in cabinet,  Hide-Shower.

For intimate hygiene a small extendable hand held jet also hidden inside       a built-in cabinet has been created. This intimate gentle shower jet is also available in a version attached to the wall which incorporates a built-in progressive mixer to regulate the temperature.

The essential accessories in this area have been created in the unmistakable style of Armani. Just like the discreetly covered toilet roll holder,  the built-    in cabinets with courtesy lighting make everything easily available without deviating from the overall aesthetics of the  bathroom.



Porcelain Tiling and flooring

Thanks to its porcelain wall and floor tiles, the Armani/Roca bathroom concept achieves an utterly flawless look. Roca’s exclusive Rock & Rock technology ensures high performance from its incredibly textured tiles. Specially designed pieces complete this range allowing you to achieve perfect positioning for an impeccable finish.


The tailor-made floor to ceiling dividers come with an optional feature which allows opacity control for increased privacy. The optional bi-coloured mesh encased in the double layer of tempered glass, finished with an extruded aluminum frame, lends an elegant yet innovative appearance.


Excellent finishes and surprising combinations of texture and recommended colors are the key to providing this imaginative bathroom space with the impeccable elegance and discreet luxury inherent in the Armani style.


Álvaro Martínez